Dear Paul,

I was really impressed by Slip Savers demonstration in our bathtub and started thinking about where else we could apply this treatment on our property. We asked Slip Savers to come out and treat our ceramic tiled lobby to avoid potential slips. - Click Here


Dear Jason,

When I attended the Apartment Association Show in Valley Forge, I was really impressed with your "before and after" demonstration of your non-slip floor treatment. - Click Here


Dear Jon:

When you first told me about what your company does, I thought to myself, "Is this guy for real?"

WOW... am I now a believer! - Click Here


Dear Stephen,

It's always nice to do business with people you know... When you asked me about our floors getting slippery when wet, I had no idea about your business. As any restauranteur knows, YES, slips and falls are a big concern in our industry. - Click Here