Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the non-slip treatment from SLIP SAVERS?

A. It is a long-lasting chemical treatment that creates an invisible, sophisticated tread design into the surface of hard mineral floors and porcelain/enamel bathtubs. When applied properly by your local expert, SLIP SAVERS, the treatment will not change the appearance of the floor or bathtub. Our product has been developed and proven for concrete, quarry tile, Spanish tile, ceramic tile, glazed brick, marble, terrazzo, porcelain/enamel, and many other hard mineral surfaces.

Q. What is the SLIP SAVERS System?

A. Step 1: A trained expert will evaluate your floor (or tub/shower). We'll pick the correct non-slip formulation and in an inconspicuous area, we'll do a test treatment and record such critical information as the effective time for your surface's treatment along with the proper mixture to ensure optimum results. We'll then rinse away the treatment and show you that there's no visible difference between the treated and untreated areas. (On some surfaces, we may note from experience that there could be some minor gloss/color variation. We'll show you this and then you can decide if this is something of concern. In most cases, clients choose safety over appearance, especially when we're treating the entire floor.) We'll then wet the treated and untreated area and let you evaluate the difference. Odds are, you'll be AMAZED.

Step 2: Assuming you're impressed, we'll take measurements and evaluate your property for details such as the availability of water and drains. We'll also ask key details for when we'd be able to do your treatment with little or no interruption to your business. And yes, we have skilled crews available literally 24-7.

Step 3: With all the above data recorded, we will estimate your job cost to the penny and prepare a straight-forward contract and warranty.

Step 4: We'll agree on a date and time to arrive and perform your treatment.

Step 5: We'll also agree on when we'll return in the future to check how your treatment is holding up. Some clients choose for us to visit quarterly or at some other frequent interval to give them updates for their files. This helps them maintain accurate records should they ever need ammunition as to the steps they've taken to keep their customers safe. At minimum, we'll return on the one year anniversary to see if the surface needs a re-treatment.

Step 6: You'll spend less time worrying about slips and falls!


Q: Can't I simply buy a do-it-yourself non-slip product off the shelf and get the same results?

A: NO! Our products are in a league all of their own and are not available in stores. Even if they were, the techniques used are only effective when done by a fully-trained professional. If used by someone who is not properly trained, not only will the proper increase in coefficient not be there, they may also permanently damage the treated surface.

Q: Can you 100 percent guarantee that once a surface is treated, no one will ever fall again?

A. NO! Legitimate Slips and Falls might still happen BUT after the treatment, it becomes increasingly unlikely since the wetter the surface becomes, the greater the coefficient of friction. Once you see a treated versus untreated surface, you'll easily see why this process is the easiest way to tip in the cards in your favor.

Q: Does the treatment come with a warranty?

A. ABSOLUTELY! We will review your specific situation – commercial versus residential, usage, etc. and give you a written warranty.

Q: Is there an advantage to using Slip Savers?

A. YES! Besides being local and with our related companies being in business for three generations, as an independent contractor we take the responsibility for the proper installation and are viewed as an additional credible source if you ever need to prove that you have been pro-active in making your floors and/or baths safer.

The following are common questions about Bathroom Installations:

Q: After the non-slip treatment, do I have to use a special cleaner?

A. NO! The treated tub/shower/floor now contains an invisible tread design and the chemical used has been totally washed away. Continue to use the same cleaners as long as they are not harsh abrasives or used with a scouring pad.

Q: Will the treated surface be harder to clean?

A. NO! It will be the same. In the case where strips or mats were used (gathering dangerous mold and mildew), the surface will actually be easier to clean…and healthier!

Q: Will there be any reaction to the skin, especially when taking a bath?

A. NO! There is no chemical remaining. This is not a coating or a sealer. Once applied, it is neutralized and rinsed down the drain. What remains is a non-slip surface.

The following are common questions about Floor Installations, especially in commercial properties:

Q: Do I have to use a special cleaner?

A. NO! It should be noted that restaurants must use a degreaser to clean their floors to avoid a slippery grease build up over time. We'll provide you with valuable cleaning information to ensure you get the most of the non-slip treatment.

Q: How long does the process take?

A: In general, it takes two people two hours to treat 1,000 square feet. If need be, we'll work during your slow times (even closed times) to minimize any down time.

Q: Will there be any change in the appearance of the floor?

A: On a very high gloss ceramic tile or marble floor you might notice a slight loss of gloss. However, for the most part, there will be no dramatic change in the appearance. In a pre-application test, we'll show you any anticipated minor changes. Also, since we typically treat the entire area, there is nothing to compare the treated floor to once the installation is complete.