Slip and Fall Facts

  • The grocery store industry spends $450 Million annually to defend Slip and Fall claims.
  • Compensation and Medical costs from employee Slips and Falls total approximately $70 Billion yearly.
  • Slips and Falls are the #1 Cause of accidents with approximately 25,000 injured people going to hospitals daily.
  • Every day, approximately 55 people die from Slip and Fall injuries making it the #2 cause of accidental deaths.
  • Among seniors, Slips and Falls are the #1 cause of accidental deaths. Every 18 seconds a senior citizen is admitted to the hospital from a Slip and Fall injury.
  • One in three serious bone breaks for seniors result in death within one year of the accident.
  • Slips and Falls kill more workers than all other combined forms of workplace accidents.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics has documented that 40-50% of all work place accidents are Slip and Fall accidents.
  • The average restaurant has 3-9 Slip and Fall accidents every year.
  • 65% of all lost workdays are due to Slip and Fall accidents. This results in 95 million lost workdays a year.
  • For every $1.00 spent on floor care, supermarkets spend $3.00 for Slip and Fall claims.
  • Over 40% of all Slip and Fall accident claims are paid out. Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance rates are increasing on the average of 30% per year.
  • The average cost to defend a Slip & Fall lawsuit is $50,000.

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