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Starbucks ordered to pay man $7.5 million for slip and fall accident

Vista, Calif. - On Dec. 23, 2011, Starbucks was ordered to pay out $7.5 million to a man as compensation for a slip and fall accident that occurred over three years ago.

Chiropractor Anthony Zaccaglin, 51, and his family received the award due to the brain injury he sustained, resulting in loss of income for his family, loss of life enjoyment, and medical expenses, according to

On Mar. 20, 2008, Zaccaglin purchased a drink at the Vista area Starbucks and was heading to the end of the counter to retrieve his order when he slipped, fell and hit his head on the tile floor, attorney John Gomez told the local news outlet.

The area where Zaccaglin fell had just been mopped, thus the floor was wet.

During the two and a half week civil trial, the store's manager testified that three cones denoting the floor was wet had been placed in the area that had been mopped, however, witnesses to the fall said only one cone was present.

Zaccaglin visited his physician the very next day after experiencing nausea and a headache, and was diagnosed with a concussion. He was subsequently told he had mild brain trauma, however, after over a year of therapy he has been unable to return to his profession.

Starbucks released a statement after the court decision, which read, "...we are disappointed with the size of the verdict as we made every effort to reach a mutually agreeable and reasonable settlement with Mr. Zaccaglin... We are reviewing the decision to determine what, if any, steps we may take in response."

Gomez told that Starbucks had previously offered to settle the case with his client, but their offer was under $100,000.

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